Author: Inferno

You open your maw again to call for help but all that comes out is a wet gurgle. Fear fills you as you try to take a breathe only to choke on your blood. You begin to panic as you fail to get back onto your paws. Distantly you could hear that reinforcements have arrived. After several minutes of fighting for each breath Slayer appears in your vision.

"Slayer, help me!" you manage to weakly rasp out.

"No, I dont think I will, Alpha!" he spat at you.

As Slayer grabs you to drag you away you saw the severed head of Ribs land not to far away. To your horror you could see that he was still alive as the head twitched before going still. You could hear the fighting fade into the background as Slayer drags you farther away from the rest of the pack. It wasnt long until you were secluded from everyone but Slayer who was blocking your only way out.

Before you could ponder your fate Slayer dug his right sickle claw into your underbelly and with a flick of his muscles disemboweled you. You gasped weakly as your intestines coil on the ground. You are terrifed as you know this is a mortal wound and you are going to die being tortured by Slayer. You are barely aware as the next hour is filled with unending agony as your breathing gets weaker and weaker.

"This is my farewell to you, Alpha!" Slayer spat at you as he dug into your gut and tore out your weakly beating heart.