Author: Inferno

You look back up and see the wyrm unfazed while your lungs are desperately trying to take in oxygen. Wincing as your damaged lung struggles to keep up with your good one, you turned and ran back the way you came.

After a moment you find that you are lagging slightly thanks to your damaged lung while your heart is thumping as hard as it can, but your unable to push yourself any faster. You are blinded by a sudden flash of pain in your neck causing you to misstep and twist your right foreleg. You stumble fowards onto the ground while your head twists to the left side and you feel dizzy. The world was spinning before you hit the ground hard.

Confused as to what just happened, you tried to get up again, only to find you couldn't feel your paws. Nor could you feel your heart, your wings or even your tail. Terror flashed through you as you fear the possibility of what you think has happened.

A moment later you feel something grab tightly onto your throat before you're being lifted off the ground. To your utter horror, the rotting visage of the wyrm came into your field of view. Behind him was the headless body of a night fury, twitching and thrashing around as if it still had a head. You could see it had an exposed, damaged left lung and a still rapid beating heart thumping away in its chest cavity, its contents exposed to the world.