Author: Inferno

As you lay there dying, gasping, and spitting up blood as you struggle for life in vain, you know that without a heart you will die. You glance up at the rotting dragon who ripped your heart out and realize there was a way to survive.

"P-ple-pleas..." You notice the dragon's head turn toward you as you struggle to speak between gasps of breath and choking on your blood.

Before you can make another attempt to speak, your forelegs give out and you collaspse onto your right side. Darkness begins to fill your vision when the dragon leans down and looks you in the eyes.

"You wish for survival?" the dragon questions, its voice rattling. You can only weakly nod your head as everything feels light and the pain begins to fade.

"Are you willing to do anything to survive?" He asked you as you stared into his lifeless, golden eyes...

What do you do?

YesWarning: Blood & Death!