Author: Inferno

You hesitate for a moment before you unsteadly reach out with your new magic and fail to grasp the restrained dragon. Retreating back into your phylactery for a moment before you try again, reaching out with your magic more confidently this time.

Feeling a heart beating nearby, you know you're nearing your target. You latch onto the struggling Night Fury and begin to drain the dragon's lifeforce while pouring yourself into its body. The dragon shrieks as it begins to lose strength. After a few minutes the dragon is barely breathing as you take direct control over the body. The dragon's soul is shoved out and you open your eyes to look at your new 'home' as you feel its heart beating sluggishly for a few more minutes before it went still and air leaves the lungs in a death rattle...

What do you do?

Try to move your head