Your whimpering in agony as he digs his muzzle once more into your now hollowed out belly shoving his muzzle into your chest cavity. Your eyes widen as your pupils turn to slits when he bites into the veins and arteries connecting your heart to your body. Whimpering in pain as he tears the veins and arteries apart severing your most vital organ from your body. After he pulls out your still beating heart, he holds the pulsating silver organ too your muzzle forcing you to look at your own severed scaly heart. He had your pulsing heart inside his muzzle teasing you with it by licking it with his forked tongue before swallowing it whole while it was still beating.

You're losing blood rapidly now as it pours out of your severed veins and arteries. As you rapidly bleed out darkness starts consuming your eyes as blood rapidly fills your struggling lungs.

You are dead!

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