You walk to the wall and use some small rocks embedded in the side of the wall to climb up and see if you can fit your head into the crack. The crack is just big enough if you put your head in the right way. After 2 hours of twisting your head around you finally find the right way to fit your head in the crack. You Shove your head into the crack in the wall hard getting it stuck in the process. The rocks you used to climb with break from the force of shoving your head into the wall. Sliding down you start choking as you discover that you have inadvertently hung yourself.

You claw at the wall trying in vain to find a grip before you reflexively grab your neck. As you gasp desperately for air before you fall limp and your eyes cloud in death.

As your soul hangs in the air looking down at your hanged corpse you see your Mother walk back into the cave. She gasps and runs to your corpse carefully she removes your body from the crack and laid it down on its back. She puts her head onto your corpses chest and lets out a sob as she finds no heartbeat. Having failed to save you she lowers her head somberly on your tiny chest. Her repetitive breathing indicative of her crying as she mourns over her baby. She silently utters one final phrase, "I'm sorry, I failed you." before your soul finally departs.

You are dead!

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