Knowing that your no match for the indoraptor you give up. You turn onto your back exposing your underbelly to the deadly talons of the indoraptor. The indoraptor was approaching slowly as though expecting some kind of trap. As he stands in front of you, your heartbeat increases rapidly as you fear what is about to happen. You let out a squeak as he puts his left hind paw into your exposed belly his deadly talons barely touching your vulnerable hide. You know that your about to die and can do nothing about it.

You look up into his beautiful slitted golden eyes "finish it!" you said, "hehehe I will make this agonizing hatchling!" he hissed. Still looking you in your eyes he uses his sickle talon to slice into your belly causing agony to shoot up your spine. You roar in agony as your intestines spill out of your underbelly onto the warm ground with a sizzle while steam raises off your steaming organs.

He sees the pain he’s causing you in your own slitted green eyes "I’m going to enjoy this hatchling!" he hissed laughing evilly. You flinch as he shoves his muzzle into your belly grabbing a random organ in his jaws and pulling it out. Blood sprays as he pulls out your second stomach holding it up to your eyes to show you his prize before he chomps it a few times and swallows it. He laughs manically as he continues to torture you. Shoving his muzzle back into your belly he grabs your bladder into his jaws pulling it out violently causing you too piss yourself.

Laughing at your pain he digs into your belly some more grabbing a bunch of your intestines in his jaws. He pulls your intestines out shredding them in the process causing you to let out another roar of agony. He continues to pull more and more of your intestines out shredding them until there’s no more intestine too remove. Looking into your painfuiled eyes "hehehe now to move on to more vital organs" he hissed before ramming his muzzing into your belly once more. He bites into your stomach before jerking his head to the right ripping it out. He once again makes sure you see your organ before chompping on it and swallowing it.

Your silver blood is dripping from his muzzle as he digs into your nearly hollowed belly and shinks his fangs into one of your vital organs. You yell out in agony as he rips out your liver you look up and see the silver organ with your lifeblood leaking out rapidly. You feel you blood rapidly leaking out your underbelly wound after your liver is removed you start to feel lightheaded. He uses his paws to dig out your kidneys and holds them up too your eyes.