You bring out the book again and open it to the page with the ritual. You place the pulsating organ in the center and arrange the rest of the ingredients and begin preforming the ritual. After several long hours of chanting in an ancient draconic tongue you don't understand you picked up a sharp ceremonial dagger from your dams horde and walked to the center of the ritual circle.

You lay down on your back with your tail straight and wings tucked into your sides, you position the tip of the blade onto the center of your chest right over your heart. Your heart leaps in excitement as you think about what you are about to do, once you do this there is no going back.

You close your eyes and take a deep breath as you try to steady your racing heart, after a moment you open your eyes and prepare yourself for the pain. With all your strength you pull the dagger towards you barely flinching as you feel the tip slice into your flesh, go through your sternum and pierce your heart.

It takes all your willpower not to thrash about and doom yourself to death, you focus hard on keeping your wings and tail still as you push the dagger deeper and deeper into your heart until you feel it come out your back. Blood flowed freely around your body as you continued to chant in the ancient draconic language.

After several hours of holding onto the dagger and chanting you were surrounded by a large pool of your own blood, it easily coated the now still heart of your dam. Pulling the dagger out of your slowing heart you set it down on your right side and focued all your attention on the organ next to you, your phylactery as your vision began to blur and you were gasping for oxygen. It wasn't long before darkness consumed your vision as you let out a small sigh and your heart pumped the last of your blood out of your body and went still...