You just sit there doing nothing as the raptor walks up to you. You stare obliviously into his killer slitted golden eyes not knowen the danger you�re in. You start to struggle only as he bites into your tail before throwing you into the air. Your tiny newborn wings are useless in trying to save your life. You land inside his muzzle and only then do you realize that he is going to eat you, still alive and whole.

He swallows you whole with a gulp as you slide down his throat into his stomach where your death awaited. Agony fills you as you fall into his stomach and its acid begins to eat away at you. You struggle trying to escape being digested. After 8 hours of being melted by the acid all your legs are gone as is your wings, tail and parts of your throat. You have gaps of hide missing all over your body and you see your own beating heart exposed to the world. You decide you can sit here until you�ve been eaten away or you can end your suffering by pulling out your heart or driving something into it.

What do you do?