Fed up with life you decide to use your talons to rip your heart out.

Using the talons on your right paw you dig them into the center of your chest. Your silver blood squirts out of the wound as you continue to carve a hole into your chest cavity. Finishing the hole that completely clears your chest of skin and hide exposing the squishy organs hidden behind your ribcage. You can see your lungs inflating and deflating as you continue to breathe safely protected by your nearly impenetrable ribcage. Looking closer you can see your mostly hidden heart tucked away between your lungs and protected by your ribcage beating away.

Using both paws you get a good grip on your ribcage. Using all your strength you tear your ribs apart shattering your sternum and exposing your vital organs hidden within. You giggle as you poke your pulsating organs for a while with them making squelching noises each poke. After finally having enough fun poking your own organs, you dig your right paw into your chest cavity and gently grab your beating heart in your paw.

You pull your paw out of your chest cavity pulling your still beating heart held within it. You feel a brief moment of agony as your veins and arteries connecting your heart and body are severed after removing the pulsating organ from your chest cavity. You stand there for a bit with your own still beating heart held within your right paw as it pumps out the last of your precious silver blood from the severed veins and arteries. After a minute of having pumped out the last of your blood it starts slowing down its pulsing before it stops completely giving into death.

You stare in curiosity at the silver scaly heart that used to be so alive now an unbeating dead organ. You poke the motionless organ with your left paw with it giving a single beat before going still again. You start to feel woozy and notice the river of blood pouring out of your chest cavity where the severed veins are squirting blood in an endless spray. You also find it hard to breathe now that blood has started filling your lungs. Blood squirts out of the slits of your snout as you cough a blob of silver liquid out of your throat from your muzzle. You start choking on your blood as it fills your lungs and black spots start to appear in your vision.