Author: Inferno

The hungry indoraptor stalks slowly towards you menacingly until he was only a few feet away. You yelp as he lunges at your throat going for a quick kill. "Help!" You yell as you try in vain to free yourself from the starving indoraptor.

Suddenly, a female night fury blasts the indoraptor. She turns her head to face you "Hide!" she yells before she turns back toward the Indoraptor. You turn around and found a place to hide until dam said it was safe. You watched in fear as dam attacks the indoraptor blasting and clawing him.

It wasn't long before the younger indoraptor managed to get the advantage over dam. Having the advantage the indoraptor was quick to disembowel her, You looked horrified as you saw your dams intestines slip out of her underbelly with a splat.

"No!" You roar in shock as you witness the fatal wound occur.

Dam turns to look at you with a pained look on her muzzle "Run!" she said as the indoraptor tears her throat out and the light rapidly left dams eyes and she collapses to the ground lifelessly.

What do you do?