Author: Inferno

You turn and see a bookshelf on the far left wall of your cave, getting up you walk over to the bookshelf and examine the self. Being born a dragon ingrained you with a basic knoweldge of draconic runes, luckily for you the books were written in such.

You were only able to reach the bottom shelf there were 3 books on it. On the left was a dark blue book titled 'Anatomy of a Night Fury', in the middle was a golden tome titled 'Dragon Slaying for Profit' which made you shudder in fear wondering why your dam had such a book.

The last book on the right was covered in what looked like the hide of a fellow night fury, it was dark and scaly and was titled 'Unlife of a Dracolich' you wonder what a dracolich is...

What do you do?

Pick 'Anatomy of a Night Fury'

Pick 'Dragon Slaying for Profit'

Pick 'Unlife of a Dracolich'