Author: Inferno

After memorizing the ritual you put the book away and hide the ingredients and wait for your dam to return home. After several more hours your dam returns home surprised that you have hatched, she approaches you and lightly nuzzles the side of your underbelly. Before giving you, your supper of regurgitated fish.

After supper you just had to wait till your dam fell asleep, after 2 hours she finally curled up and went to bed. You waited another hour to make sure she was fast asleep before you snuck over to your dams sleeping place and carefully climped onto her back near her neck.

After making sure she hasnt woken up you jab your claws deeply into your dams throat waking her with a roar of pain. Quickly you twist your claws severing her jubular, spewing a fountain of hot dragons blood with each beat of her precious heart.

What do you do?

Claw out your dams still beating heart

Hold your dams head as she bleeds out