The indoraptor stalks towards you causing you to let out a low growl, he was undetered until he was a few meters away from you. He stalled finally having caught your scent and how you smelt of death and rot. Now knowing that you're a walking corpse he hesitates, clearly rethinking attacking you now.

You roar a challenge at the indoraptor causing him to lunge at you. You effortlessly dodge the attack blasting the indoraptor with dragonfire causing him to shriek in pain. Backing up keeping an eye on the indoraptor as he circles you trying to find a weakness to attack!

Analyzing the indoraptors movements you see an opening to attack and disembowel him, there was also a way to slit his throat. You had an idea to get get at his heart or brain, but to get to his heart or brain your going to need to distract him somehow.

What do you do?

Disembowel him

Slit his throat

Plan a trap and expose your underbellyWarning: Gore & Disembowelment!