As the indoraptor lunges at you again you slide under him using your talons to disembowel him. Your bathed in the smelly organs and blood of the indoraptor as he collapses in agony. You laugh at the indoraptor as you shove your muzzle into his chest cavity extracting his beating heart. Showing the dying indoraptor his still beating heart in your muzzle you toss it up into the air before swallowing it whole as the light leaves his eyes and he goes limp. The last thing he ever saw was his own still beating heart in your muzzle.

You stand in front of the cooling corpse of your first kill. You could raise his corpse into a mindless zombie, eat him, leave his corpse to rot or relieve yourself inside his corpse.

What do you do?

Raise zombie
Eat him
Leave him to rot
Mark him
Relieve yourself