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This is the first part my origin story of my main OC: SkyTalon Nightwing!

Day: 0
It was a dark night when I was flying home to my cavern on draconia the ancient homeworld of the dragons. As I was approaching my home I was shot down by a net and I blacked out after hitting a tall tree.

When I came to I was being dragged along by too night furies who reeked of death and rot. I was thrown into a cage roughly hitting my head on the floor hard, knocking me out again. When I woke next there was a rotting corpse of a night fury in front of me. Half its head was missing, its chest cavity was ripped open and its vital organs were either missing or hanging out. As I look down its body I saw its intestines were coiled on the ground dragging behind it when it walked. I was very surprised when the corpse spoke.

"So your finally awake then hmm?" It said with its putrid rotting breath choking me. I reared up onto its hind legs before waving its forepaws around my chest. I could feel the dark magic starting to envelop my chest as he reaches his right paw into my chest. I yelped as his paw passed through my chest into my chest cavity like water. I could feel his rotting paw inside my chest cavity as he grabbed onto an organ. He said something in some unknown language and yanks on the organ causing agony to shoot throughout my body making me scream.

He pulls his paw out of my chest cavity and with it I saw my very own still-beating heart. The silver scaly organ still thumping away despite it being torn out of my chest. My body goes into shock as my brain tries in vain to understand how I'm still alive. The dark magic dissipated leaving nothing to ever signify that I just had my heart brutally ripped out of my chest cavity. He turns and places the beating organ onto a stone podium that was slightly curved inwards to prevent the heart from falling off the stand due to its pulsating.

"I have magically linked your heart to your body dragon. It will continue to pump your wretched blood through your veins but the longer it is separated from your body the weaker it gets. After a full week, it will stop beating and you will die. That gives us 7 full days for us to have fun before you join us in undeath. Any questions?" The monster said as it falls back onto its four rotting legs.

"What if I stop my heart earlier?" I ask looking hopeful as I managed to get my body to respond to the question of the monster.

"Then you are revived as a mindless undead zombie. I wouldn't recommend you stopping your heart through any means before the ritual is completed in 7 days. This is going to be fun as you cannot die until your heart stops" he said evilly as I look at my own heart on the stand.

"Can I touch it?" I ask after him when he turned and left the cage.

"It's your heart and your life soon to be unlife dragon. Do what you want with it but if you want your mind left intact when you'ur revived into undeath then don't damage it." he said as he left the room

I walked up to the podium where my heart was laying pulsing away. I poked it and instantly felt agony shoot up from my chest where my heart should be. I turn away from the podium and walk to the edge of the rather spacious cage I was locked in. I looked around outside my cage and saw to my horror dozens upon dozens of other night furies, light furies, night lights and other breeds of dragons locked in the varying states similar to me...

The night fury across the directly across from me was barely moving. I could see his heart was barely beating anymore. He has also been ripped apart I could see his organs scattered all over his cage. I walk back to the other end of my cage thinking.

'Is that going to happen to me as well? am I going to be ripped apart slowly?' I thought to myself after seeing the other dragons various organs spilled all over the cage. I curl up around the podium holding my heart and slowly fall into a restless sleep.

Day: 1
I woke to the same rotting breath near me. I look up to see the abomination across form me where the dying night fury was laying still. I could catch a faint scent of death from his body and I knew he had finally died while I slept. I could see still his unbeating heart, still and unmoving on the podium. I watched in horror as he shoved the severed organs back inside the fresh corpse reconnecting and healing each and every one of them, ending with the cold dead heart than taking the corpse away with him. Soon afterwards the abomination had shoved another night fury into the cage with me.

"You are going to kill this night fury if you want to eat that is!" He hissed, as I recoiled in shock at what he was forcing me to do.

"Who are you?! are you with blackheart?!" I asked in shock.

"You would like that wouldn't you Lord DragonHeart?" he said menacingly.

"You won't break me I have endured far worse torture then your capable of dealing!" I screamed at him.

"We shall see won't we Inferno..." He said as he left the room once again.

I looked into the slitted eyes of the other night fury in the cage with me and saw nothing. It was like all the intelligence was stripped away Whatever this fury went through it stripped away all part of himself... forcing this poor dragon feral. The night fury lunged at me in a feral attack forcing me to dodge and protect my vulnerable exposed heart on the podium.

I placed my self in between the podium and the feral night fury. I was without my magic while my heart was separated from my body forcing me to use my brute strength for this. I was of the defence while I made a plan for slaying this poor dragon and ending his misery. Finally coming up with a good plan I lunged for the dragons head forcing him to back up I twisted around and smacked his side with my tail throwing him onto the ground on his back exposing his underbelly. Quickly I drove my right paw with the talons extended into his belly causing him to howl in pain rapidly so not to give him time to retaliate I twisted my right paw to the left pulling it out disembowelling him.

While he was withering in agony I drove my blood-soaked paw into the bleeding wound in his belly shoving my way up into his chest cavity, I dug around searching for my prize. Finding the pulsating organ I grabbed it and tugged hard ripping it out. The fury screeched in agony as I pulled my right paw out of his belly wound dripping with blood and the rapidly slowing vital organ in it. the silvery liquid running down the severed veins and arteries as its pulsing beat slows and stops as his body stops moving and the light in those wild eyes dimmed in death. The last thing he saw before death claimed him was his own heart in my right paw.

I stumbled back into the wall dropping the now dead heart in my paw while my heart was beating rapidly on the podium.

"What did I do?!" I said looking at the rapidly cooling corpse I just created before I was knocked out.

Day: 2
When I came too I was once again alone but there was food in the cell with me which form the scent was dragon meat. I got up and licked my wounds then I walked over to the meat checking it for poison or other stuff. When it came up clean I started eating the dragon meat. After finishing my meal I noticed my heart was getting weaker, I saw it was beating a slightly slower then it was yesterday.

After a few hours of doing nothing but watching my own heart beating on the podium a group of undead dragons marched into my cage and held me up to the wall. Then the abomination entered the cage. He walked up to me before grabbing my left paw roughly before he brutally nailed a wooden stake into the center of the paw pad. I screamed in agony as he does the same with my right paw. I could feel my heart leaping at the pain.

"there we go all nice and comfy aren't we, my lord?" he said mockingly as blood leaks out of the wounds and down my forelegs.

As the other undead leaves the room he pumps me full of dark necromantic magic before he starts cutting my head open. I shut my eyes as agony floods my body when he removes the top of my skull exposing my brain. I knew what he had done when he flooded my body with necromantic magic. I was proven correct as he scoops out my brain and tosses it to the floor and unbelievable agony filled my body as I heard it go splat. Blood and brain juice run down my head when he forces my eyes open forcing me to look at something that I shouldn't be able to see. There on the floor near me was my brain my body once again goes into shock as it sees something that it shouldn't possibly be able to see. I once again blackout as the abomination leaves my cell.

Day: 3
I woke up when an undead entered my cell I was tortured for hours before he broke my wings and left me like that for hours. As night fell they came back tortured me again well into the night before they finally painfully tore my broken wings off at the sockets. All the while I was helpless to defend myself. I soon passed out in exhaustion while my severed wings are tossed over to the corner.

Day: 4
I woke the next day to the sound of the abomination entering my cell again. This time he has a large dagger in his paw. He looks at my brain still a pile of goop on the floor when he turned and stabbed me in the belly with the dagger I howled in agony as he slit my belly open allowing my intestines to spill out of the wound. I lost complete control over my bowels and shit myself right there. He left me like this for hours while he slowly and as painfully as he could slit my wrists before he ripped the stakes out of my paws allowing me to fall to the ground. I instinctually grabbed my intestines trying to prevent any more falling out. I withered in agony there all night.

Day: 5
As the sun rose in the sky today another undead walked into my cage carrying meat that he force-fed me before he ripped my throat out. My paws went to my throat while the abomination came into the room and started to saw me in half. I wither in agony as I lay there when he finally pulled away my lower half allowing my internal organs to spill out freely.

(Scene Skipped)

I was feeling so weak now. I could hardly move as he carved open my chest cavity allowing my barely moving lungs to be exposed to the world after he slowly and painfully pulled out my ribs all the while I choked on my own bodily fluids. He laughed the whole time seeing how weak I had become. My mind finally gave out allowing me to blackout into darkness again.

Day: 6
It was a struggle to even open my eyes today. The last of my blood had left my body late last night. I spent the day slowly crawling to the podium where my heart was hardly beating now. I managed to knock it off the podium and spent hours weakly crawling over to the hardly moving organ. I picked the organ up ignoring the pain that shot through my dying body as I did so and cuddled with it.

Day: 7
I was barely breathing now I couldn't move. My heart was barely moving now. I had seen it contract once in the last 3 hours. I knew my time was up as the cold feeling of death called to me when my heart contracted one last time before going still having beat it's last having given into death. As darkness consumed me I looked at my now unbeating heart in my paw as life left me and my eyes lost their light and I let out one final death rattle as death had, at last, claimed me... for now.