Hello, Welcome to CreatureVerse! This is the manual! Version: 0.2.3


CreatureVerse was built on HTML coding by Inferno DragonHeart as part of his dream project. CreatureVerse is currently hosted at GitHub where the entire code is published!

There is now a todo list you can find Here.


Updates often take a long time to finish. If you are getting impatient for the next update you can play test the work in progress build on the Beta site! There is also Sky's Writing Paw discord server where Inferno writes and you can chat with him while he works on CreatureVerse.


A recently thought up idea for CreatureVerse was to create Original Characters for the various stories told here, and you can view the character reference sheets for them on this page! (Warning: Original Characters reference sheets are subjective and may not always be 100% accurate depending on players choices and may contain spoilers for potential story paths!)

Indoraptors: Indoraptor Characters

Great Wyrms: Great Wyrm Characters

Night Furies: Night Fury Characters

Humans: Human Characters


CreatureVerse has many species in it, this is a bestiary record of all creatures of CreatureVerse. Note: Some creatures and/or history may have been modified and/or created from the original if one wasn't already available!

Open Bestiary