Alexander - Choice 2(Male) Player Character

Collective Name: Alexander Dragonstorm

Fire Head Name: Blaze

Water Head Name: Hydran

Soul Head Name: Animus

Air Head Name: Gale

Earth Head Name: Hunter

Age: 21

Species: Elemental Aspect

Gender: Male

Collective Description: Dark forest green main body with a crimson red underbelly.

Fire Head Description: Crimson head and neck with blood red reptilian eyes. Blaze is known for being hot headed and argumentative with the other heads.

Water Head Description: Sapphire blue head and neck with navy blue reptilian eyes.

Soul Head Description: Grey head and neck with amber reptilian eyes.

Air Head Description: Snow white head and neck with cyan reptilian eyes. Gale has a tendency to be arrogant and prideful.

Earth Head Description: Brown head and neck with molten gold reptilian eyes.


Name: Volxil Zornaar

Fire Head Name: Blank

Water Head Name: Blank

Soul Head Name: Blank

Air Head Name: Blank

Earth Head Name: Blank

Age: 241

Species: Elemental Aspect

Gender: Male

Collective Description: Blank

Fire Head Description: Blank

Water Head Description: Blank

Soul Head Description: Blank

Air Head Description: Blank

Earth Head Description: Blank