He collapses to the ground struggling for life "P... p... please. Ha... Have M... m... mercy" he stammers as he coughs up a glop of crimson blood. You look him in the eyes "Sorry, but you were the one who attacked and tried to eat me not the other way around." You said as you decided that you need to relieve yourself.

While he struggles to live you rip open his chest cavity breaking his ribcage exposing his lungs and missing heart "Ugh! W... what a... are y... you g... g... going t... too d... d... do t... to m... me?" he stammers with blood leaking out of the nostrils in his snout. You turn around dragging your intestines behind you and raise your tail "This." You say as you relieve yourself shitting into his chest cavity.

The indoraptors chest cavity now full of my shit he slowly stops his struggling as life slowly leaves him "you wi.. will pay for this yo... you mo... mon... monster!" as the blood pouring out of the severed veins and arteries slow to a stop and his eyes glass over giving out a sigh as he gives into death.

What do you do?

Clean yourself off!
Look into the lake