Now that the indoraptor is distracted feasting on your organs you make your move towards his heart. You stealthily cut him just below his ribcage, he winces but otherwise doesn't notice anything. Being as stealthy as you can you pull out his heart, enjoying the feeling of the heart beating in your paw. You pull the pulsating organ out of the wound you made in his chest, exposing the vital organ to the world he is so distracted that he doesn't notice.

You can see pulsing heart pump the indoraptors blood through the still connected veins and arties to the rest of his body. You know it would be so easy to squash the organ and kill him that way, but you have something special for him. You carefully cut the veins and arteries connected to the vital organ causing it to sqerit blood with every beat. Now the indoraptor has noticed something is wrong as he gasps feeling something missing from his body.

You push him off of you while pulling your remaining intestines away from him. You hold up his pulsating heart so he can see what you have done "M... My heart!" he stammers whimpering in fear. He reaches out to try to grab his heart from you, but you pull it away. He collapses to the ground struggling for life "P... p... please. Ha... Have M... m... mercy" he stammers as he coughs up a glop of crimson blood.

You look him in the eyes "Sorry, but you were the one who attacked and tried to eat me not the other way around." You said as you think about what you want to do his him. His heart pumps out the last of his blood while he lets out a death rattle and his eyes become glassy as he gives into death the last thing, he saw was me holding his dying heart.

What do you do?

Raise zombie
Eat him
Leave him to rot
Mark him
Relieve yourself