You take a second to make a plan to distract the indoraptor. After a bit you decide to use your own intestines as bait somehow instinctively knowing that they will regrow over time. Taking your time, you slowly lay down on your back exposing your underbelly to the indoraptors deadly talons and sickle claw teasing him with an easy meal.

The indoraptor slowly stalked forward towards his ever easy meal. He put his right hind paw onto your belly, his sickle claw down just scratching your hide, you shudder as you feel the warmth of his body. He digs into your hide with his sickle talon easily splitting your belly open disemboweling you.

You feel as your intestines slip out of your belly and onto the warm ground, you shudder at the warm feeling in your dead organs. You wince as you feel slight pain as the indoraptor starts feasting on your intestines.

Noticing that the indoraptor is now distracted feasting on your organs you now have an opening to get at his heart or brain.

what do you do?

Rip his heart out
Rip his brain out